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by Jamal Moss from the Northwest Explorer

We’re off! We threw the lines after conducting safety drills this morning and began our 20-hour steam south to our first sampling station, which is located just south of Whale Bay off the coast of Baranof Island. Shortly after getting underway, we had a science meeting in the galley where each of us briefed one another on the specifics of their research and sampling goals and how it relates to the integrated research project as a whole. Our scientific crew consists of Dr. John Horne (UW), David Barbee (UW), Leslie Slater (USFWS), Kerrie Fredrickson (WWU), Wyatt Fournier (AFSC) and Jamal Moss (AFSC). John and David are acoustic scientists, Leslie is a seabird expert, Kerri is an oceanographer, and Wyatt and I are research fisheries biologists. After lunch we’ll walk through each sampling activity as a group and assign jobs.

Left: Science meeting in the galley. Right: Kerry demonstrating water sample collection