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Huntington Consulting

Henry P. Huntington earned his bachelor’s degree in English at Princeton University and his master’s and doctorate in Polar Studies at the University of Cambridge. He lives with his wife and two sons in Eagle River, Alaska, where he works as an independent researcher. His first encounter with sea ice took place at age 5, when he slipped on a floe in Stonybrook Harbor, New York, resulting in five stitches above his left eye. He recovered well enough to take an interest in the Arctic Ocean and its inhabitants, as well as the people who live along its coast.

Huntington’s research activities include reviewing the regulation of subsistence hunting in northern Alaska, documenting traditional ecological knowledge of beluga whales and bowhead whales, examining Iñupiat Eskimo and Inuit knowledge and use of sea ice, evaluating U. S. involvement in the Arctic Council, analyzing the co-management practices of the Alaska Beluga Whale Committee, and assessing the impacts of climate change on Arctic communities and on Arctic marine mammals. Huntington has also been involved as a researcher and writer in a number of international research programs, such as the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, the Program for the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna, and the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. He has written many academic and popular articles, as well as two books.