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Wyatt Fournier, Chief field researcher for GOAIERP

I am excited to return to the Northwest Explorer for my 6thsurvey leg of the GOAIERP.  Every leg has proven different over the years as ocean conditions and fish communities continue to change right before my eyes.
I threw the lines out for the Northwest a week ago as she departed Juneau amongst float planes and cruise ships.  Summer is a busy time in my hometown of Juneau as tourists flock from across the nation and around the world to witness the raw beauty that is this great state.  But sightseeing is for those on vacation, so the hard working commercial crew of the Northwest and our eager science team push out to observe and collect samples from one of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world. 
I relieve Jamal Moss of his chief scientist duties in Sitka and after a quick run to the store for last minute supplies we are heading back out into the Gulf.  Joining me for his second year is Sterling Ulrich, a grad student from University Alaska Fairbanks who is relieving his academic advisor, Russ Hopcroft, as an oceanographer.  On board since Juneau is Casey Debenham: my right hand man and a fisheries technician recently hired to work out of Juneau, Dave McGowan: our acoustician and graduate student from University of Washington, Scott McKeever: our lead oceanographer from NOAA’s PMEL in Seattle, and Marty Reedy: our “seasoned” Seabird/Mammal observer from the USFW.